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Digital infrastructure for circular systems, carbon measurement and savings verification for buildings, and a breakthrough process to manufacture materials for batteries.

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Trending Startups

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Reath is a UK-based start-up, backed by Innovate UK and Tech Nation. The Reath software platform lets businesses adopt safe, compliant, scalable reuse systems, fit for the 21st century. It was designed with inputs from businesses operating reuse systems, and environmental and health & safety regulators in the UK. Our focus is on helping you capture data about your reusable packaging easily and at-scale, and using that data to maintain compliance with regulatory standards like batch codes, or optimize your system.

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WattCarbon is providing granular carbon measurement and savings verification for buildings, devices, and energy producers. We connect smart meters, sensors, and other data streams to real-time grid carbon intensity data. This allows our customers to accurately measure their energy carbon footprint, track carbon savings, and align energy consumption with the availability of renewable energy on the grid on a 24/7 basis.

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Sylvatex (SVX), a woman-led climate tech startup based in Berkeley, California discovered a breakthrough process to manufacture cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries.

Battery cost is a major issue to meet the demands of the growing market and the main cost driver is the cathode which accounts for about 50% of the battery materials cost. The SVX process has proven the ability to reduce cathode manufacturing cost by 20%, energy consumption by 70%, and effectively doubles throughput production by removing the milling, mixing and cleaning steps of cathode manufacturing. In their next step, with funding from the Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office and in partnership with Argonne National Laboratory, SVX is scaling the process 200x to a continuous kg-scale process and commercializing their technology.

These were the breakthroughs of yesterday and today. For tomorrow, SVX discovered a completely new, solid-state process that will revolutionize the preparation of cathodes by eliminating the use of all sulfate precursors and nearly all process water, dramatically reducing costs and carbon footprint associated with cathode materials production. Preliminary results indicate that cathode materials manufacturing costs can be cut by up to 60% and carbon footprint slashed by 60%. SVX will aggressively pursue additional government grants to fund this work.

SVX is currently raising their Series A and seeking to engage with strategic investors who share their passion for a clean future and that can provide the right connections in the battery space.

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