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A marketplace for on-site energy systems, non-dilutive capital for entrepreneurs, and non-toxic plant-based biopolymer hair extensions.

Happy Wednesday!

On a whim, I decided to purchase airfare to Glasgow in hopes of attending COP26. If you or anyone you know has an extra pass, reply to this email and let me know!

This week I’m excited to share with you many exciting startups! But first…

New opportunities for startups —

  • Cards & Payments Challenge: Apply by October 1st for this first-ever innovation program bringing together financial institutions and fintech leaders to nurture startups building digital financial climate solutions, where the winner will receive $100K and opportunities for proof-of-concept projects.

An event for investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders —

Advanced Materials for a Sustainable Future is a virtual learning experience taking place on November 18th. Attendees can expect to hear about early-stage investing, organizations that support the ecosystem and companies developing new "Hard Science" solutions in the Advanced Materials sector. Companies interested in presenting should apply for funding from the Chemical Angels. Use the discount code IC50 for 50% tickets.

Trending Startups

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VECKTA is the marketplace platform for on-site energy systems. VECKTA independently, quickly and accurately assesses and optimizes an on-site energy system customized to our customers specific business needs and objectives. The Platform then facilitates the energy system deployment by connecting our customer with experts (capital, construction, equipment) through tools, processes, workflows (including procurement, contracts, negotiation and more).

VECKTA is the only platform in the world that can fulfill business requirements to design, optimize, and deploy the right onsite energy systems and accelerate the energy transition.

Intro Me to VECKTA

Enduring Planet provides climate entrepreneurs non-dilutive capital to fuel their growth. We leverage AI/ML to invest via revenue-based financing, with ticket sizes ranging from $50K to $1M. We don't require personal guarantees or collateral, and our investment process is simple/quick (intro to close in <30 days). All of our transactions are accompanied by active support from the EP team focused on growth, ops, and VC fundraising.

We support companies across the New Climate Economy, covering emissions abatement, carbon removal and sequestration, and climate change adaptation/resilience. We prioritize investments into underrepresented founders, diverse teams, and startups serving marginalized communities.

Intro Me to Enduring Planet

Aja Labs has leveraged polymer science and materials engineering to develop planet and human-safe, non-toxic plant-based biopolymer hair extensions that add value to the consumer beyond aesthetics by actively improving scalp and hair health.

Our company gives the consumer a novel healthy, ethical, and sustainable hair extension option. We are bringing clean beauty to the hair extension space, which is nearly nonexistent in the industry. Women want high-quality options that won't make them sick, cause hair loss, damage, or breakage. There is a growing demand not only for environmental justice in products targeted to women of color and women in general but also for transparency into where and how the products consumed are produced and obtained. This space touches women from all walks of life, income demographics, and ethnicities/racial make-up. We are a team of scientists, engineers, and businesswomen who've come to deliver.

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