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Closed-loop food for soil-less farms, enabling heavy industry monetize waste heat, and low-cost power boosting systems for solar.

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Counterfactual Ventures is looking for anyone who is eager to launch the next wave of alt-protein/food systems change ventures. Counterfactual Ventures is an all-in-one venture studio, incubator, VC fund, R&D institute, and talent sourcing firm committed to revolutionizing the future of food. Commercial and scientific-technical founders are welcome to apply.

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Trending Startups

Summaries Provided by Startups

Re-Nuble uses organic cycling science to convert vegetative food waste into a platform of technologies for the soilless farming industry, led by its water-soluble organic hydroponic nutrients.

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Kanin Energy enables large industrial users to monetize their waste heat by providing end-to-end project development and financing to generate clean power. Kanin helps partners reduce their carbon impact without having to worry about efficiency projects that are “too small” for their core business. Partners would be paid for the waste heat, which can be used to reduce operational costs or provide an additional revenue stream.

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Icarus RT Inc. is developing Quartet, a hybrid PV/Thermal solar-plus-storage cogeneration system that boosts PV power and generates hot water on-demand. Quartet is designed for multi-unit housing, commercial, industrial, and utility installations to manage the disparity between daytime generation and peak water heating demand.

As of 2020 we have built a 2.5-kW proof-of-concept prototype at the University of California San Diego and successfully tested it as part of our 2019 CalSEED Concept Award. This version of the array is a scaled-down version of our minimum viable product (MVP). We continue to optimize the 2.5-kW array to improve system performance and returns. During Q3 and Q4 2021, Black and Veatch will install 30-kW and 70-kW prototypes for third party validation and UL product certification, and commercial validation, respectively.

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