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Hydrogen Membranes, Battery Safety, Circular Food Packaging, Alkaline Water, and Energy Efficient Machines

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Before I jump into trending startups, I want to promote a few new opportunities for startups:

  • Satgana: Idea-stage startups that address at least one of the UN SDGs can apply to be considered for Satgana’s Venture Studio.

  • Shell Startup Engine: Energy startups operating in or entering the UK market can apply on a rolling basis to be part of the accelerator program.

  • CalTestBed: Startups based in California can apply by March 19 to test their innovations at 1 of 60 participating testbeds at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and 9 University of California campuses.

  • Energy Tech Challengers is a competition for startups innovating in batteries, hydrogen, e-mobility, digitalization, automation + AI, or future grid sectors. Applications are open until April 1st.

  • The Kroger Co. Zero Hunger Zero Waste Foundation Innovation Fund: Startups sourcing surplus food or food byproducts and manufacturing them into new consumer-facing products can apply by April 1st for funding.

  • Previous opportunities +startup news are now in new sections at the bottom of the newsletter!

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Trending Startups

Summaries Provided by Startups

Hardware/Hydrogen - DiviGas

Over US$15 billion worth of hydrogen is lost every year at petrochemical plants due to equipment failure against tough gas streams. DiviGas has invented proprietary polymers to make a new hydrogen membrane, a nano-molecular filter, that allows for this wasted gas to be reused, saving billions of dollars and avoiding millions of tons of CO2. We are shipping our first industrial-scale on-site units by end of 2021 and currently have >$25m of LOIs in our pipeline.

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Hardware/Batteries - Cadenza Innovation

Cadenza Innovation is a lithium-ion battery technology company whose signature product is a novel, patented, low-cost housing that eliminates the risk of fire and explosion. Cadenza’s supercell combines the best properties of wound jelly rolls and large prismatic cells with game-changing safety.

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Hardware/Circular Economy - Dispatch Goods

Dispatch Goods is a reverse logistics + marketplace company accelerating reusable packaging, starting with food delivery and takeout. It was launched by a UC Berkeley MBA + former West Coast Caviar/Doordash Partnerships Lead with the goal of creating the infrastructure for reuse that currently does not exist. They have partnerships with Doordash, Imperfect Foods, and Square to enable easy access to reusable packaging. 

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Hardware/Water - Kara Water

Kara Water creates alkaline drinking water from the air. At scale, the Company could provide 1 billion litres of clean drinking water serving 1.8 million people for one year and offset 2 billion plastic bottles. Kara Water is launching in India, where many cities are running out of water and even high-income individuals lack reasonable access to clean drinking water. Kara Water's product, Kara Pure, produces up to 10 litres of alkaline drinking water per day. All you have to do is plug it in. 

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Software/Energy Efficiency- gnista.io

6% of global emissions can be saved by just operating existing industrial machinery more efficiently. But those that understand the machines lack the necessary tools. Our SaaS platform gnista.io, empowers energy managers in manufacturing companies to find, evaluate and implement energy efficiency measures that reduce energy demand and CO2 emissions. More importantly, we let them share their findings and collaborate with their colleagues. As one of our users put it: "If we want to prevent the climate crisis, we need to work together!"

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Startup News

  • FloWaste (featured back in 2020) announced the close of their $270K Pre-Seed round yesterday!



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