3/17 - Trending Startups

Microbes for Carbon Capture, Circular Economy for Wood Waste, Zero-Waste Medical Gowns, and Steps for Climate Action

Happy Wednesday!

It’s been quite a couple weeks for Innovate Climate!

  • 70 new subscribers since the beginning of March (approaching 300 subscribers)

  • 20 startups have been highlighted (YTD)

  • 60 introductions have been made (YTD)

I also came across a few new opportunities for startups:

  • Massive.Challenge is a 3-month program that helps participants launch a project focused on solving the climate crisis.

  • Google For Startups Accelerator is a 10-week program that brings the best of Google to startups using AI and ML to combat climate change. Apply by April 1st.

  • Apple Impact Accelerator is for Black- and Brown-owned businesses that are helping to build a carbon neutral feature. Apply by April 30th.

And now onto new and trending startups on my radar!

Trending Startups

Summaries Provided by Startups

Hardware/Circular Economy - Cemvita Factory

We engineer microbes to use carbon dioxide or methane as a feedstock for the production of carbon-negative industrial chemicals. Our clients are oil and gas, chemical and mining companies that strive to apply nature-inspired technologies for reducing their carbon footprint while creating new revenue streams.

Software/Circular Economy - Cambium Carbon

Cambium Carbon is a platform that creates circular economies for trees in US cities. We are working to connect the broken supply chains in the Urban Forestry Industry through tech, and are creating a new, highly desirable, class of wood called Carbon-Smart Wood. We are focused on creating local e-commerce where customers can finally access wood from the cities they care about. Our model turns a waste stream (urban wood waste using SAAS for arborists and miller/makers) into valuable products (by connecting makers to buyers through our marketplace) into lots of new trees (through local community plantings powered by virtual arborist services storing tons of carbon). This provides a highly scalable and impactful model across the US that can help to equitably reforest America serving as a powerful climate solution (31 cities applied to be a part of our pilot deployment).