2/17 - Trending Startups

Battery health, circular economy, efficient material structures, and indoor air quality.

Notice anything new this week? My colleague, Swarnav, CEO of Touchlight and fellow writer for The Impact, designed my new header (font and logo)!

There are a few new opportunities for startups:

  • Third Derivative: Entrepreneurs working on solutions that address any major greenhouse gas emissions sector can learn more and apply here. Applications are being considered on an ongoing basis for rolling admissions to their next cohort.

  • XPRIZE recently announced details for Elon Musk’s $100 million carbon capture prize.

Before I get into this week’s startups, I'd like to thank all my readers so far - I have seen some amazing analytics on these emails so far this year, with each one being opened at a rate of > 200%. With the 11 startups highlighted, there have been 25 introductions.

Trending Startups

Summaries Provided by Startups

Hardware/Battery Diagnostics - ReJoule

ReJoule’s battery diagnostics platform helps automakers maximize the value of every battery.  Uncertainty on battery health adds overhead costs which leads to excess waste along the battery’s life cycle. As batteries power more of our cars and buildings, more advanced diagnostics helps bring battery costs down and accelerate electrification.  Our insightful data analytics and rapid battery diagnostics makes battery systems cheaper, safer, and more sustainable.

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Circular Economy/Waste Disposal - Global Environmental Group

Global Environmental Group (GEG) provides environmentally positive solutions (including zero landfill & zero waste) for the sustainable management of industrial wastewater treatment sludges, high-volume contaminated waters, and PFAS contaminated water.

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Hardware/Materials - Helicoid Industries

Nature has evolved to create highly efficient structural designs with outstanding toughness, strength, impact resistance and damage tolerance. The Helicoid ™ architecture will improve performance, reduce weight, improve recyclability and reduce raw material costs compared to composites currently on the market. Helicoid Industries is working with key manufacturers to develop innovations in a variety of markets including consumer products, protective and sporting goods, automotive, defense, wind turbine and aerospace.

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Hardware/Indoor Air Quality - Origen Air

Origen Air harnesses the restorative power of nature to cleanse indoor air using GM pothos ivy. These proprietary plants have been proven to remove 82-100% more VOCs than regular plants. Our biofilter technology employs UV-C light, CSA certified to disinfect 99.9% of airborne viruses. Our business model is hardware as a service. The revenue streams for the units are from fleet leases, maintenance contracts and digital billboard advertising.

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