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BeMup, Lemna, Woon Duurzaam

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This week I’m excited to share with you many exciting startups! But first…

New opportunities for startups —

  • BNEF Pioneers 2022: The BNEF Pioneers program identifies game-changing technology innovations with this year’s focus on three challenges: round-the-clock zero-emissions power, scaling long-term carbon removal technologies, and decarbonizing aviation. Apply by Nov 11th. 

  • Breakthrough Energy Fellows Program: The Breakthrough Energy Fellows program is designed to support commercialization of early-stage technologies, processes, or materials that have the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 500 million tons per year by 2050. Nominations are due by Nov 12th.

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gener8tor is a nationally ranked accelerator and has invested in and supported over 750 startups through the 50+ accelerator programs they have around the country. These companies have gone on to raise over $700m+ in follow-on funding and over 53% have either been acquired or raised more than $1m.

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Trending Startups

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BeMup provides mobility by subscription. We are an alternative to having a private car, picking up our club members within 5 minutes after a trip request and driving them to their destination at the speed of a private car. 24/7. We operate a fleet of electrical vehicles to do that, with a retio of 8-10 subscribers per vehicle. Our subscription is cheaper than operating a car and hassle free.

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Lemna provides phytoremediation & water quality data feedback to livestock farmers, to solve liquid manure nutrient management with our multi-layered duckweed growth system, Lemna Layers and subscription data feedback portal.

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Woon Duurzaam provides a one-stop-shop cloud platform connecting homeowners with high quality providers of energy saving equipment to accomplish energy zero living.

220 Million European homeowners are demanded, by law, to switch to CO2 emissions free heating and cooling systems in their houses. However homeowners lack knowledge on these technologies. And manufacturers and installers are not able or willing to comfort them with tailor made designs, quotes, invoices, and sales efforts. The result? Homeowners do not act.

Woon Duurzaam helps these customers in their pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle. The company provides every homeowner with an affordable energy sustainable home without hassle or frustration. With attractive ROI’s and financial propositions and the possibility to manage your energy. And to suppliers, Woon Duurzaam offers entry to a huge market of individual homeowners, without the hassle to get them through the sales pipeline.

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