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Ping, Borrow, WEEE Centre

Happy Wednesday!

This week I’m excited to share with you many exciting startups! But first…

New opportunities for startups —

  • JEC World 2022: Startups working in the field of composites and advanced materials can apply by November 30th to get visibility at JEC World 2022 and pitch to a jury of leading industry experts (including Airbus, Daimler & Magna International).

  • New Era of Energy Challenge: Apply by December 3rd to win up to $250k in non-dilutive funding and the opportunity to partner with NextEra’s business units.

Before we dig into this week’s startups, today’s newsletter was sponsored by VertueLab!

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Trending Startups

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Ping helps turbine managers reduce maintenance costs by continuously monitoring for blade damage using sound.

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Borrow is the world’s first all-electric subscription car company, pioneering the EV subscription service market.

Borrow offers short term subscriptions on EVs-only for 3, 6, and 9 months, all in a frictionless manner. Our subscriptions includes insurance, maintenance, roadside service and charging.

Borrow encompasses the entire lifecycle of EV fleet management services including acquiring the asset, titling, registration, disposition as well as telematic and data collection of the vehicle and user management.

Borrow provides a seamless digital onboarding process and is working towards a goal to provide EVs for all, in an equitable manner, while driving a cleaner, climate neutral future.

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WEEE Centre is an e-waste recycling company in Kenya serving over 5000 customers across the African continent to ensure safe and circular disposal of electronic waste.

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