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Wildfire Startups!

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This week I’m excited to share with you many exciting startups! But first…

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Wildfire Startups

The following startups were submitted in response to my call to feature wildfire startups. Descriptions were provided or taken from company profile pages.

Sust Global

Super-resolution climate risk modelling using satellite and geospatial data. Our SuReFire product provides 5-10x resolution improvement on existing wildfire models.


We’re innovating mobile hurricanes using jet engines to blow wildfires back where they came from.


Fion Technologies is a wildfire spread prediction and modeling startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fion leverages geospatial data and deep learning models to help governments, insurance companies, and utilities understand wildfire behavior and make better, data-driven decisions around them.


Cornea provides on-site support to incident command teams at both national and international disasters. Using our technology platform, our field teams access, analyze, and visualize critical data in real time. We empower commanders with the information they need when they need it, saving lives and lowering costs.


We analyze all vegetation on Earth to prevent wildfires and power outages, enabling smarter infrastructure management and safer communities.


First responders face exceptional challenges: a global pandemic, record-breaking disasters, and a new normal for public safety. Perimeter helps responders manage these challenges by collecting all disaster data in a single incident response platform. We give communities the tools they need to stay safe, every time.

Madronus Wildfire Defense

We make it easy for property owners to reduce their wildfire risk with a platform that assesses parcel-level risk, creates a treatment plan, connects owners with vetted contractors to do defensible space and home hardening projects, and helps them qualify for insurance discounts and maintain coverage.


Dryad provides ultra-early detection of wildfires using solar-powered gas sensors in a large-scale IoT mesh network placed in the forest.


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