10/6 - Trending Startups

Organic fertilizer, pico-grids as-a-service, and satellite imagery for water quality.

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This week I’m excited to share with you many exciting startups! But first…

New opportunities for startups —

  • Global Ideas Pitch Competition: Apply by October 11th to compete and showcase at CleanTech Open’s 2021 Global Forum.

  • Breakthrough Energy Catalyst: Apply by October 20th for project-level financing for the deployment of technology within the following sectors: green hydrogen, direct air capture, sustainable aviation fuel, long duration energy storage.

  • Carbonless Asia Challenge: Apply by October 23rd to explore a commercial (funded) pilot project, commercial partnership and investment - provided by MTR, a leading metro operator and property developer in Hong Kong.

Call for startups in the wildfire space —

If you or someone you know is working on a startup in the wildfire space, fill out this short form. One of the newsletters this month will highlight the startups that are submitted!

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Trending Startups

Summaries are provided by startups

Grassroots Energy offers two climate change solutions: Biomethane and organic fertilizers. Grassroots Energy generates Biomethane, an ultra-low-carbon clean fuel from agricultural residues at a distributed scale. The residue from operations is processed into organic fertilizers to act as a soil enrichment and improving crop yields

Intro Me to Grassroots Energy

DeyHaat is for-profit social enterprise providing clean, reliable & affordable energy access as-a-service through Solar Pico-grids to last mile lowest income generating rural “Micro-enterprises” located in rural India.

Intro Me to DeyHaat Energy

Gybe monitors water quality by combining satellite imagery, machine vision, and proprietary algorithms to produce concentration maps of pollutants and track how they move across watersheds. Gybe's solution is fully automated and provides mapping, time-series, and alerting information through an annual subscription.

Intro Me to Gybe


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