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Low carbon construction products, optimizing transportation assets, and zinc-air batteries.

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Criaterra's patent-awarded construction products are innovative low carbon solutions for nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEB). Criaterra’s construction materials are designed for high performance and introduce circular economy solutions in construction, with a technology that reduces energy consumption in manufacturing by 90%, and provides 600% thermal insulation.

Criaterra's manufacturing process reduces temperatures from as high as 1600 degrees to less than 100 degrees Celsius. This is achieved through a complete redesign of the production process, eliminating the need for kiln firing, a process that makes traditional manufacturing of blocks and tiles highly pollutive and energy intensive.

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Tandem is building the world’s most flexible transport solution. Tandem’s tech-enabled partnerships with local taxi, minibus and coach providers offer a uniquely flexible alternative, especially outside of big cities - these locations are underserved by good transport options, but which represent more than 50% of the population.

Highlights include:

  • On track to achieve circa £1m GMV in 2021, representing 10x YoY growth

  • Leading client portfolio, serving destinations like Primark and Royal Mail sites, and the University of Warwick

  • 80% of clients using Tandem across multiple locations

  • Average end-passenger uses Tandem 25 times a month

They are now raising a seed round with a target close of mid-November.

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AZA Battery has developed a zinc-air battery with a pasted zinc electrode that is cheaper, safer, and greener than lithium or lead acid for many stationary and mobility applications. AZA Battery’s main innovations have been technical--our main lab has run non-stop for over a decade. Patient capital and sustained, focused research has allowed our scientific team to make significant (and actually what we think is world-changing) progress on a battery with a bill of materials cost of less than $15/kWh that can be built with a manufacturing process far simpler than what is required for lithium battery production. We're now building a pilot production line in Belgium, expanding our research lab, deepening our relationships with potential customers, raising series A equity financing, and are on track to receive non-dilutive subsidies.

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